Throw in the extra entertaining items such as platters, glasses, and ice buckets (which are stored in the drawers) when you have guests over and your side tables turn into functional and visual appealing hosting stations.  

Rekindled owner, Charity, can expertly place the mix & match items she finds into designer vignettes that make it easy for you to see how it all works beautifully as a collection.  Charity thoughtfully places each item in to a complimentary design scheme, often changing it up with other vignettes in the store as items are sold and new product arrives.   Charity is truly gifted in the world of interior collecting, crafting and merchandising gently used household items that stand out and fit seamlessly into todays modern world.

Notice the different visual layers, heights, textures, and complimentary items playing off one another to create visual interest.  Of course we don't encourage you to have your tabletops this full.  But a few pieces from these well merchandised items is all you need to create an visually appealing space.  

All items in photos can be found at Rekindled.  Some items may be sold as every item is one-of-a-kind.  Please connect with us at (509) 888-0524 or for availability.


Remember to think about different heights, shapes and textures to help create balance and harmony.  Just don't have an over cluttered hot mess.

photos and content of this story: for Rekindled