Travis & Charity  Tester

What started out as a hobby has turned into our business.  Why not take the leap from an creative hobby to an actual business if you love it so much.   Maybe others may share the same design vision of bygone eras taking on new life in a contemporary world. 

10 Years ago when re-designing our first piece of furniture......? 

Customer service, homey, welcoming, ever changing. Looking to evolve with different merchandise. Quality products at good prices.   Hand pick pieces from different within Pacific Northwest and beyond.    

store looks different every week.  Furniture goes in waves.   

Returns:  Final

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How we can help you realize your design vision.

If nostalgia and todays sense of style appeal to you then let us help make a statement in your room. We'll come to your home for consultation and follow up with a design proposal that is custom designed with your lifestyle and our design sense blending seamlessly together.